Built with Growth in Mind

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Only the best for your business.

Your EHR platform is an integral part of your business that directly impacts your practice’s trajectory. GEHRIMED, GPM’s ONC-certified EHR platform, is specifically designed for growth-minded LTPAC providers and administrators who deeply value the clinical care of their patients, recognize the importance of adhering to regulatory compliance, and want to equip their teams with the best EHR possible for today and tomorrow.

Employee retention matters.

Employee retention and engagement are more critical than ever, and one of the best ways to support and empower your staff is with the right technology solutions. Your employees don’t just use technology – they have a relationship with it. They want to use it to maximize their productivity, as well as enhance their skills, improve their decision-making, enable effective communication, and minimize the potential for errors. GEHRIMED clients have experienced both business success and solid staff retention in utilizing our EHR platform.

We would not be able to grow and expand and still get the same level of care to the patients if it wasn’t for a system like GEHRIMED that pulls everything together.Dr. James Demidovich, HealthCare Providers, LLC

Training made easy.

GEHRIMED’s simple, intuitive design makes it an appropriate software solution for every long-term care practitioner no matter how technologically savvy they may be. Plus, our customer support portal houses educational materials, training videos, and more to help every GEHRIMED user feel confident in their ability to navigate the platform efficiently and successfully. What’s more, GPM’s account managers are always standing by to offer personalized training assistance to those in need of extra guidance.

Our providers love it. We’ve even had doctors elsewhere comment on how easy GEHRIMED is to use.Nicole Coniglio, President, Psych360

Grow & Scale with better tools

GPM understands that in order to grow your practice sustainably and successfully in today’s world, your EHR must support that goal. GEHRIMED comes both with built-in features and available add on functionality that specifically is designed to help your practice thrive. Check them out below.

GEHRIMED EHR Value Case StudyThe price of your EHR solution matters for your bottom line. The value you derive from the software matters even more. Learn why clients like you say GEHRIMED is worth the investment. Read our case study today

I have done several implementations in three different companies, and I’ve never had one go as smoothly as the GEHRIMED one went. Our trainer was phenomenal and answered every single person’s questions.Kristen Clark, Senior VP of Administrative Services, CounterPoint Health Services

Dedicated to you.

We at GPM understand how dramatically the needs of our various clients can differ, which is why we have account executives and account managers dedicated to specific types of customers based on their business’s needs. We make it our job to specialize in your practice and understand what it takes to help you grow and scale. This tailored expertise gives our account managers the ability to provide quarterly business reviews and more one-on-one time with you, further supporting you in reaching your goals.

In this day and age, it’s the personal care and follow-up that make the difference, and that is one excellent characteristic of GPM.Marie Rhemann Guerrero, Practice Manager, Senior Care Specialist

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