Benefits gEHRiMed January 16th, 2017


Benefits to Administrator

Robust clinical, financial and analytical tools for administrators. Benefit from real-time data capture coupled with custom practice management technology: Less Paperwork. More Tools. Increased Efficiency. Better Practice Management. Practice Management Solutions Practices use a variety of administrative support staff, including: Practice Administrators, Business Office Managers, Medical Scribes, Medical Assistants, certified Coders, etc. Often, a single ... Click to continue reading

Benefits to Practitioners

Benefit from an EHR designed to work the way you work. Our easy-to-use software allows doctors and practitioners to spend less time documenting and more time doing what they do best; treating their patients. Increase Productivity At GEHRIMED, we know the typical LTPAC practitioner works without a front office or support staff. Therefore, our software ... Click to continue reading

Secure Internal Messaging

Secure Internal Messaging to Keep You Connected Improve practitioner productivity and provide a higher-quality level of care, by staying connected with your colleagues with our secure built-in messaging system. Send encrypted Protected Health Information (PHI) from your EHR and eliminate unsecure messaging and post-it notes from your practice. Send and receive the most up-to-date patient ... Click to continue reading


Increasing Productivity with GEHRIMED One of the most important features we designed into GEHRIMED from the beginning was its ability to increase productivity. Our background is in running medical practices. We know that the only way medical practices perform is through doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants being able to document and complete notes in ... Click to continue reading


Increasing Efficiency with GEHRIMED The foundation of being productive is based on the concept of efficiency. Efficiency means using the least possible resources to achieve a result. We have designed GEHRIMED to allow you to use standard terminologies, templates and reuse old observations that are pertinent to the patient which did not change. With GEHRIMED ... Click to continue reading


Increasing Profitability with GEHRIMED There are two competing forces when practitioners are delivering care or operating a medical practice. That’s running the business profitably and running it compliantly. There are a fixed number of work hours in a practitioner’s day. Therefore, practitioners need to do everything in a compliant fashion, however, they also need to generate as ... Click to continue reading
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