Experience the GEHRIMED Difference

GEHRIMED overcomes the challenges of inefficiency, inaccuracy, and insecurity all while remaining simple to use. See GEHRIMED in action by requesting a demo today.

What to Expect:

Prompt, professional outreach from a GEHRIMED account executive

A request for brief call revolving around your EHR needs and an overview of GEHRIMED

Us working to understand your needs so we can decide together whether a full demo makes sense moving forward

What NOT to Expect:

✖ An aggressive salesperson delivering a canned pitch

✖ A huge time commitment on your part

✖ Pushy sales tactics to try to get you to make a quick decision

✖ Uninvited follow-up phone calls

GEHRIMED comes equipped with intuitively designed features, tools, and templates that LTPAC practitioners need to streamline their workflows and optimize their reimbursements simultaneously.

A cohort of GEHRIMED users known as the Clinical Advisory Team regularly submits their feedback to help ensure that the software is constantly (and successfully) catering to the needs of LTPAC practitioners.

Our in-house regulatory team is expert in helping users avoid penalties, earn incentives, and understand upcoming changes before they arrive. They support users not just with software, but with industry knowledge.



LTPAC Specific Templates

GEHRIMED is equipped with a collection of encounter note templates that are intuitively designed to collect only the information that LTPAC practitioners need when they need it. These templates help make the data collection process as streamlined as possible, minimizing manual and repetitive data entry and enabling users to focus on providing quality care.


Real-Time MIPS Dashboard

Experience the easiest way to track your progress in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Merit-based Incentive Payment System. This tool provides you with alert notifications for relevant quality measures, a visual representation of your progress throughout the year, a MIPS Score Check calculator to help you estimate your anticipated score at any time, and more.


Automated Encounter Delivery

Digitally share important patient reports with any member of your facility’s interdisciplinary team. Reduce your reliance on fax machines and safeguard protected health information simultaneously.


RVU Dashboard

This tool enables GEHRIMED users to track their individual productivity and allows administrators to track all their providers’ productivity. Every time someone sees a patient, signs an encounter, or assigns a CPT code, these data points populate the RVU dashboard.