Practicing LTPAC professionals rely on GEHRIMED to streamline their workflow.

GEHRIMED was developed by LTPAC practitioners, with extensive input from the LTPAC community. As a result, this sophisticated but straightforward interoperable platform addresses the real-world needs of busy long-term care practices to simplify their workflow and help physicians and administrators provide more effective care. Discover below how GEHRIMED has advanced the care capabilities of LTPAC practitioners who have changed EHRs or switched from paper record-keeping.

Real feedback from real LTPAC practices.

Hear from practitioners and administrators how GEHRIMED’s powerful, easy-to-use EHR software continues to advance their ability to provide quality care.


"iNDIGO Health Partners recently began using GEHRIMED and the response from our clinicians has been overwhelmingly positive. It has allowed an increase in provider productivity, increasing the average number of daily encounters, in some cases as much as 20%. The entire support team has been very responsive to our questions and been timely when resolving any issues. That has helped to make the transition very easy. The program is simple to use and our providers find it intuitive. That can be attributed to the fact that the program and workflow are designed specifically for our use. It simply makes sense."

-Lisa French - Post-Acute Operations Manager at iNDIGO Health Partners

“The support team is fabulous, and was awesome getting us launched. It’s the best customer support I’ve seen with any EHR… and this is our 4th!”

-Angella Woods - Practice Manager, Barnes Healthcare Management Group, LLC

“Using GEHRIMED allows me to document from my laptop in my home after I have completed seeing patients in the facility and it is significantly more efficient than writing.”

-Gilda Niknezhad, FNP - Long Term Care of Virginia

“No other vendor understands the unique work setting of the LTC clinician or the demands it puts on the EHR.”

-Jan Hines - LTC Practice Manager, Springfield, MA

“From sales, to training, to support, this has been the smoothest implementation I have ever worked through! Could not be happier!”

-Jayne Smith - Geriatric Consulting Group

“My company transitioned to GEHRIMED after using another EHR for about 20 months. The implementation was pleasantly smooth and mostly trouble-free. Any issues that arose were handled quickly and efficiently, and the only downtime was for a day of training. My staff have all found GEHRIMED to be very user-friendly and easy to learn. As the system administrator, I have been most appreciative of GPM’s Support team because of their quick response time and their willingness to listen to the needs of my company. They have worked with me to meet several reporting needs which has helped to significantly reduce administrative time in collecting data.”

-June Johnston - North Carolina Elderly Psychiatric Services (NCEPS)

“Customer service and technical support are exceptional! They have responded quickly to any questions that arise.”

-Michael McClellan NP-C - Geriatric Consulting Group

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