About gEHRiMed January 16th, 2017

The Electronic Health Record Solution for LTC Providers and Practices

GEHRIMED was engineered specifically for physicians and clinicians providing direct patient care in the nation’s 16,000 nursing homes. The long term, skilled nursing, nursing, and assisted-living settings are unique and require an EHR that is wholly focused on the workflow of the physician and providers With easy navigation and an intuitive design, our portable, web-based EHR supports the unique workflow of providers caring for patients at multiple long-term care facilities — from patient management and charting, to reporting and billing.

GEHRIMED is designed to manage and streamline your workflow by:

  • Connecting to and integrating facility data
  • Capturing patient information by facility
  • Presenting patients to you by facility
  • Automatically and securely distributing orders and information to the facility, based on each one’s technological capabilities
  • Automatically and securely communicating information with billing department and, when necessary, hospital and pharmacy

Team Bios

Executive Leadership Rod Baird, Founder and President Rod Baird is the Founder and President of Geriatric Practice Management (GPM). Since 1977, he’s led provider and management organizations that deliver care to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries. Past programs he’s overseen include home health, personal care, hospice, rehabilitation hospitals, adult and psych daycare, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, industrial medicine and primary ... Click to continue reading


Partners PointClickCare PointClickCare is advancing senior care by enabling long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers to achieve the business results that matter – enriching quality of life for their residents, improving financial and operational health, and mitigating risk. PointClickCare offers a portfolio of cloud-based software and services designed from the ground up to help providers manage ... Click to continue reading




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