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GEHRIMED is an electronic health record software solution designed to improve clinical documentation and compliance, clinician productivity, and patient care. This integration is designed to close one of the most significant information communication gaps in your facility and make it easier for your GEHRIMED practitioners to work efficiently as they care for your patients.

This guide is for GEHRIMED clinicians who work at your facility that want to connect their notes software with PointClickCare. Once integrated, clinicians will be able to do the following:


Activate Your GEHRIMED Integration in 2 Easy Steps


Confirm mutual integration interest with a GEHRIMED customer.

  • A GEHRIMED customer must submit an interest form in order to be added to the integration project list. Please work with the GEHRIMED provider group to ensure an interest form has been submitted, identifying the appropriate locations & Authorized Representative for the PCC Organization
    NOTE: PCC applications can not be approved until an interested GEHRIMED customer has explicitly requested the integration and is on our project list.

Submit the Integration Activation application from within PointClickCare.

Once both the PCC and GEHRIMED customers are aligned on integrating their EHRs, follow these steps to submit the application from within PCC

  • Begin on the PCC home screen.
  • If you manage a single facility, select Home in the navigation bar, then select Marketplace, and then select Manage Integrations.
  • If you manage multiple facilities, go to your Management Console in the navigation bar, select Home, and then select Manage Integrations.
  • Press Activation Request and fill all the mandatory information fields appropriately.
  • Press Submit.
  • You’re all set!

Download the Self Service Quick Reference Guide


Q: What data is currently being shared in this integration?

A: Functionality currently includes ability for the GEHRIMED user to import ACTIVE PointClickCare patients' demographics including Name, Room/Floor, DOB/Age, Gender, Language, Address, Facility Phone Number + Insurance (primary, secondary & tertiary) along with the ability to pull Medications & Allergies into GEHRIMED encounters in an Unstructured format. Historical encounter note content can be sent to PCC on linked patients and newly signed encounter content will be sent to PCC upon signature. This video demo reviews the basic functionality.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance payer information is sent to GEHRIMED from PointClickCare when a patient’s file is initially imported. If GEHRIMED already lists insurance information for the patient, this information will not be overwritten by the data imported from PointClickCare.

Meanwhile, informational insurances are not imported from PointClickCare to GEHRIMED.

To provide a bit more clarity surrounding the insurance information that is mapped between GEHRIMED & PointClickCare, GEHRIMED was advised to pull insurance information from the following locations in PointClickCare:

The Medicare HIC # comes over in policy number along with payer address. See screenshots below from a test patient:

Q: Will the user's PCC account need to be modified to support the integration with GEHRIMED?


  1. The answer is 'Maybe', if a user is authorized to do the function in PCC, they should be able to do the function in GEHRIMED.
  2. Standard user roles and scopes from PCC that are necessary to fully utilize the integration include:
    • "user/", "Get Patient Demographics"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Insurance"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Medications"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Allergies"
    • "user/progressnote.write", "Send Encounters"
    • "user/progressnoteaddendum.write", "Send Addendums"
  3. Consolidate access for Users who visit more than one facility in your network. A user should have only one unique set of PCC login credentials for a facility network. The problem with multiple user accounts within the same facility organization is that encounters will not send consistently through the interface due to a a ‘User lacks access to facility’ discrepancy.
  4. Ensure the PointClickCare user account(s) have been added to every appropriate resident profile under 'medical professionals' so they will be able to see the residents' records.
Q: Where do the encounters from GEHRIMED populate in PCC?

A: Upon signature of a GEHRIMED encounter on a PCC linked patient, notes are added to the delivery queue, sent every 5 minutes. Encounters sent through the queue successfully, deliver the encounter content to PCC as a 'External Encounter Note' in the the Progress Note section of the patient's PCC record (under a new ‘External Encounter Notes’ tab)

If the facility is not seeing encounters cross into PCC, the GEHRIMED patient may not be linked to the PointClickCare patient record. This brief demo video explains how to complete this process.

Once the existing patients have been linked between the two platforms, historical encounter notes can be sent to PointClickCare, and new encounter notes will automatically cross to PointClickCare upon signature. New patients will need to be imported from the facility feed in GEHRIMED.

Q: A representative with the facility network already submitted the integration application but was denied by GEHRIMED. Why??

A: Your facility’s application was likely rejected if we did not have any interested GEHRIMED customer on file requesting the integration (See Step 1 above).

Q: Does the facility pay GEHRIMED for this integration?

No, GEHRIMED does not charge the facility to integrate with us. Facilities must have a prerequisite ‘integration package’ with PCC, and we understand this is required for the facility to connect with any 3rd party applications in the PCC marketplace.

Please reach out to your PCC customer success manager or PCC sales account rep for more information.


Need more information? Download the Self Service Quick Reference Guide from PCC.

Need further assistance? Please contact your PCC rep.