The Most Active PointClickCare Integration for LTPAC Providers

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Working together to make your job easier.

With this seamless integration, we enable LTPAC physicians, nurse practitioners, and facility staff to exchange patient data they need from encounter notes in real time. We have all the basics covered for you, bolstering your communications in big ways. What’s more, this integration is constantly evolving as we work to provide you with even more functionalities down the road.
(Patient vitals are next on our list!)

GEHRIMED users can import the following information from a resident profile in PointClickCare into a GEHRIMED encounter note:

  • Patient Demographics such as Name, Room/Floor, DOB/Age, Language, Facility Phone Number
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance information
  • Medications & Allergies

PointClickCare facilities receive a version of GEHRIMED encounter notes automatically upon signature by the physician. These notes are sent to the Prog Notes section of the resident profile within a new tab called
“External Prog Notes.”

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For GEHRIMED providers

This integration is designed to close one of the most significant information communication gaps you experience with your partnering PointClickCare facilities and make it easier for you and your fellow GEHRIMED providers to work efficiently as you care for your patients.
Want to connect your GEHRIMED account with PointClickCare? Activate your integration in two easy steps.

  1. Confirm mutual integration interest with your partnering facility and submit a PointClickCare Integration Interest Form, identifying the appropriate location(s) and an authorized representative for the PointClickCare organization.
  2. Ask the PointClickCare Authorized Representative at your partnering facility to submit an Integration Activation Request from within PointClickCare using these directions.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ for providers

Q: What data is currently being shared in this integration?

A: Functionality currently includes ability for the GEHRIMED user to import ACTIVE PointClickCare patients' demographics including Name, Room/Floor, DOB/Age, Gender, Language, Address, Facility Phone Number + Insurance (primary, secondary & tertiary) along with the ability to pull Medications & Allergies into GEHRIMED encounters in an Unstructured format. Historical encounter note content can be sent to PCC on linked patients and newly signed encounter content will be sent to PCC upon signature. This video demo reviews the basic functionality.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance payer information is sent to GEHRIMED from PointClickCare when a patient’s file is initially imported. If GEHRIMED already lists insurance information for the patient, this information will not be overwritten by the data imported from PointClickCare.

Meanwhile, informational insurances are not imported from PointClickCare to GEHRIMED.

To provide a bit more clarity surrounding the insurance information that is mapped between GEHRIMED & PointClickCare, GEHRIMED was advised to pull insurance information from the following locations in PointClickCare:

The Medicare HIC # comes over in policy number along with payer address. See screenshots below from a test patient:

Q: Will the user's PCC account need to be modified to support the integration with GEHRIMED?


  1. The answer is 'Maybe', if a user is authorized to do the function in PCC, they should be able to do the function in GEHRIMED.
  2. Standard user roles and scopes from PCC that are necessary to fully utilize the integration include:
    • "user/", "Get Patient Demographics"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Insurance"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Medications"
    • "user/", "Get Patient Allergies"
    • "user/progressnote.write", "Send Encounters"
    • "user/progressnoteaddendum.write", "Send Addendums"
  3. Consolidate access for Users who visit more than one facility in your network. A user should have only one unique set of PCC login credentials for a facility network. The problem with multiple user accounts within the same facility organization is that encounters will not send consistently through the interface due to a a ‘User lacks access to facility’ discrepancy.
  4. Ensure the PointClickCare user account(s) have been added to every appropriate resident profile under 'medical professionals' so they will be able to see the residents' records.
Q: Where do the encounters from GEHRIMED populate in PCC?

A: Upon signature of a GEHRIMED encounter on a PCC linked patient, notes are added to the delivery queue, sent every 5 minutes. Encounters sent through the queue successfully, deliver the encounter content to PCC as a 'External Encounter Note' in the the Progress Note section of the patient's PCC record (under a new ‘External Encounter Notes’ tab)

If the facility is not seeing encounters cross into PCC, the GEHRIMED patient may not be linked to the PointClickCare patient record. This brief demo video explains how to complete this process.

Once the existing patients have been linked between the two platforms, historical encounter notes can be sent to PointClickCare, and new encounter notes will automatically cross to PointClickCare upon signature. New patients will need to be imported from the facility feed in GEHRIMED.

Q: A representative with the facility network already submitted the integration application but was denied by GEHRIMED. Why??

A: Your facility’s application was likely rejected if we did not have any interested GEHRIMED customer on file requesting the integration (See Step 1 above).

Q: Does the facility pay GEHRIMED for this integration?

No, GEHRIMED does not charge the facility to integrate with us. Facilities must have a prerequisite ‘integration package’ with PCC, and we understand this is required for the facility to connect with any 3rd party applications in the PCC marketplace.

Please reach out to your PCC customer success manager or PCC sales account rep for more information.

You can also reach out to our support team directly at or (828) 348-2888.

Looking to deactivate your integration? Read our support article here.


For PointClickCare facilities

Activating this integration with your GEHRIMED providers helps you keep your patient records up to date in real time, a key component of providing the best care possible alongside your partnering physicians. Communicating patient information and needs across your interdisciplinary team has never been easier.

Curious about what the integration involves on your end of things? Review our most frequently asked questions and accompanying responses below.

Q: As a facility representative who uses PointClickCare, how do I begin the integration process with GEHRIMED?


Each PointClickCare facility must have a prerequisite “integration package” with space available in the package to integrate with GEHRIMED (or any third-party vendor in the PCC Marketplace). Ask your PointClickCare account manager if you have questions about your facility's integration capabilities.

Mutual integration interest must be established between your facility and a GEHRIMED user for the integration to move forward. The GEHRIMED provider group must submit an integration interest form to be added to the PCC integration project list, and your facility group must submit a Marketplace application.

Q: What does GEHRIMED’s integration process with PointClickCare entail from the facility perspective?

A: First, your PointClickCare authorized representative must submit a Marketplace application for requested facilities. (Follow the steps in this quick reference guide to do so.) GPM will approve the application only if a GEHRIMED user has submitted an integration interest form for the requested facilities.

Next, PointClickCare works to establish the connection on their end, typically sending us an activation/rejection notice within 5 business days.

Once activated on PointClickCare’s end, a GEHRIMED user with PointClickCare access to your facility needs to validate their PointClickCare credentials for us to connect the integration to the group's unique GEHRIMED environment.

Only GEHRIMED users with PointClickCare credentials can use the integration.

Q: What places of service for the facility are included in the integration?


PointClickCare integrations are established at the PointClickCare resident census level. We have found that most PointClickCare facilities keep nursing, skilled nursing, and assisted living residents on a single PointClickCare census while many GEHRIMED customers choose to separate their facilities in GEHRIMED by place of service. Due to this distinction, we often connect a single PointClickCare integration to multiple places of service in GEHRIMED.

Q: Is this integration secure for my facility?


Yes, GEHRIMED is an ONC-certified, HIPAA-compliant EHR platform that provides secure, cloud-based access to patient records. Frequent backups along with dual authentication and encryption factors protect against data loss or security breaches. The integrity of these features is maintained throughout its integration with PointClickCare.

Additionally, upon import of each PointClickCare resident into GEHRIMED, the user performing the import must attest to the following:

The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information at 45 CFT Parts 160 and 164 (the "Privacy Rules") took effect on April 14, 2003. In accordance with the Privacy Rules, Geriatric Practice Management, LLC ("GPM") has entered into a Business Associate Agreement with your organization and that GPM creates, receives, maintains or transmits Protected Health Information from or on behalf of your organization, which information is subject to protection under the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Pub. L. No. 104-191 ("HIPAA"), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the "HITECH Act"), and related regulations promulgated by the Secretary ("HIPAA Regulations"). By accepting this patient's health information into GEHRIMED, you are attesting that they are a valid patient of your organization and covered by the existing Business Associate Agreement.

Q: How much does the integration cost?

A: Your facility organization will never incur a charge from GEHRIMED for the PointClickCare integration.

With that said, the PointClickCare facility must have a prerequisite “integration package” with space available in the package to integrate with GEHRIMED (or any third-party vendor in the PCC marketplace). Ask your PointClickCare account representative if you have questions about your facility's integration capabilities.

Meanwhile, the GEHRIMED user will incur a monthly charge from GPM for each unique PointClickCare integration.

Q: Do I need a business agreement for this integration?

We don’t require a business agreement; however, some facility managers do. If you need a business agreement for your facility, connect with us at and we will provide you with the proper documentation.

Need further assistance? Please contact your PointClickCare representative.