Certified EHR for LTC MDs & NPs

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Internet Service

GEHRIMED requires internet connectivity to remain active, although occasional short disconnections are tolerated.  Internet connectivity may be via a wired (for Windows) or wireless network or through a Cellular network card.  We do not recommend using a “hot spot” for connectivity, due to the inconsistency of the connection. For providers using the monthly subscription to speech recognition, we recommend a high speed Wireless or 4G LTE connection. If a GEHRIMED problem is isolated to the area of Internet Connectivity, the customer is expected to consult a third-party service for additional support and service.


GEHRIMED assumes that customers use encrypted hard drives to protect all PHI.  Data downloaded to customer devices is encrypted by password entry.  All GEHRIMED user accounts are password protected and each user account has a set of specifically configured access rights.  In addition, double authentication is used to ensure that the user’s access has not been compromised. Authentication methods used for double authentication are SMS messaging and encrypted keys on detached USB drives.  Automatic session timeouts are implemented to help protect the equipment from unauthorized access.