Facility Integrations

We at Netsmart understand that interoperability is an ever-evolving necessity in the long-term/post-acute care space. We also know that it isn’t achieved with the single press of a magic button. It requires experience, expertise, and the ability to bring LTPAC technology stakeholders together to achieve a shared vision. With us, you gain a true technology partnership that leads to improved information communication, happier providers, higher reimbursement potential, and better patient care.

Doctor with LTC Patient looking at tablet“The need to coordinate efforts across a range of LTPAC care settings and accurately share patient information between them has never been higher. This demand is a major reason we allocate so much of our time and resources to building our integration capabilities and design software systems that not only communicate accurately, effectively, and consistently with each other, but also do so with external platforms.” – Beth Reece, VP and General Manager, Netsmart

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We offer one of the most active integrations with PointClickCare in the LTPAC space, enabling physicians, nurse practitioners, and facility staff to exchange patient data they need in real-time. With this integration, GEHRIMED providers can gather patient demographics, insurance information, and medication and allergy lists for both new and existing patients from their PCC facilities. (Patient vitals are next on our roadmap!) Meanwhile, PCC facilities can efficiently access the encounter notes from their GEHRIMED providers within their EMR.


Our proprietary solution enables facility staff to receive digitized encounters from GEHRIMED providers 24/7, dramatically reducing the number of steps required to share patient information and ensuring that every staff member can access it whenever necessary. What’s more, CareTeam enables all facilities to track regulatory visit frequency for audits and state surveys. These highly valued features help enrich the relationship between GEHRIMED providers and their facility partners.

PointClickCareExchange information easily with your PCC facilities.

GEHRIMEDThe EHR platform designed for you by physicians like you.

CareTeamCollaborate effectively with every facility you serve.

"We would not be able to grow and expand and still get the same level of care to the patients if it wasn’t for a system like GEHRIMED that pulls everything together."

-Dr. James Demidovich - HealthCare Providers, LLC