Regulatory Coaching Program

Personalized MIPS Coaching

We understand how difficult it is for long-term care practitioners to adhere to all the regulations set in place by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), especially the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). And it’s even tougher to play by the rules when CMS changes them year after year.

That’s why Katie Kelley, our resident EHR trainer and regulatory programs coach, offers personalized MIPS coaching. Her service caters to practitioners who want to not only participate in MIPS, but also ensure that they are doing so in the most effective way possible.

Katie joined the GPM Corp. team in the fall of 2016, just ahead of MIPS’ debut in 2017. She has focused on helping GEHRIMED users understand how MIPS works (and how to succeed with it) since its inception, translating obscure-sounding rules into easy-to-follow guidelines. Her expertise stems from mastering each issue of the program and proactively communicating her knowledge to our clients.

When it comes to picking the best MIPS strategy, every practice has an optimal participation pace. Let GPM be your partner in determining the right path for you, avoiding penalties, and streamlining your ability to document covered care in a fee-for-service model.

MIPS Case Study 2020

MIPS Case Study

Curious to see how GEHRIMED users have been successful through our program? Check out the case study now.



Powerful Features:

MIPS Planning Support
Review personalized options to avoid a penalty and potentially earn an incentive.
MIPS Dashboard
Track your MIPS progress throughout the year with the easy-to-manage MIPS dashboard.
Group & Individual Reporting
Report as group and/or higher performing ECs also report individually to maximize your MIPS score.
MIPS Expertise and Resources
In-house Regulatory Team guiding you through a better understanding of MIPS.
MIPS Score Check
Receive real-time data feedback on your MIPS data with unlimited access to CMS’s Score Calculator. Unofficially send data and preview your MIPS score, free of charge!
Feature/Pace WALK JOG RUN
2020 Pace Goal Earn 45 MIPS Points Earn 46-84 MIPS Points Earn 85 – 100 MIPS Points
Avoid 9% Penalty Avoid 9% Penalty and Potentially Earn a Small Bonus Avoid 9% Penalty and Potentially Earn a Modest Bonus
Support 1-Hour Setup Call 1-Hour Setup Call 1-Hour Setup Call
1-Hour MIPS Support Call / November 1-Hour MIPS Support Call / Quarterly 1-Hour MIPS Support Call / Monthly
Reporting Group and/or Individual Group and/or Individual Group and/or Individual
Cost Contact Account Executive Contact Account Executive Contact Account Executive
Early Commitment Receive a 10% discount by committing to a pace by June 30, 2020. Receive a 10% discount by committing to a pace by June 30, 2020. Receive a 10% discount by committing to a pace by June 30, 2020.

Pace Goal – Participation in the Regulatory Coaching Program does not guarantee an incentive. Avoiding the penalty is contingent on the customer meeting all objectives set forth by CMS.

MIPS Support Engagement – Call time is with one designated person per group, not per reporting provider. If additional MIPS Support is required, this is available at your contracted rate for Professional Services and will be invoiced as utilized.

Reporting – Cost is for Group OR Individual Reporting Only. Additional charges apply if submitting both Group and Individual Data.


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