MIPS Quality gEHRiMed February 7th, 2017

MIPS: Quality

MIPS QualityPreviously referred to as PQRS, the Quality component of MIPS will represent 60% of your MIPS composite score.

What does quality mean to you, as a medical practitioner or practice manager? It probably implies the concept of delivering care directly to patients with good outcomes, and good treatment protocols. If you’re trying to report under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, quality means obtaining a score. We believe that every practice needs to keep two quality strategies: One for delivering patient care, the most important thing that we do as medical practice providers; and the other to satisfy the reporting requirements for CMS and the MIPS program. We will guide you to achieve both strategies.

Which quality measures do you choose?
There are over 300 MIPS Quality Measures in 2017, however most due not apply to LTPAC patient population. Only 16% of the 300 measures apply to LTPAC populations (Place of Service 13, 31, 32). View 2017 MIPS Quality Measures for use in LTPAC Medicine: https://www.gehrimed.com/2017-mips-quality-measures-for-use-in-ltpac-medicine/
gEHRiMed actively incorporates measures annually that are most applicable to LTPAC Clinicians, including:

  • Measures with attainable benchmarks
  • High-priority measures
  • LTPAC-appropriate Outcomes Measures.

gEHRiMed helps you keep track of which measures are most meaningful and gives you the ability to practice high-quality medicine, while at the same time reporting high-quality scores.

  • We select measures that make the most sense, ex. picking a time of year that works well for your practice and selecting measures that correspond with the season.
  • Reporting slows down your workflow and costs you more time, which in the end costs you more money.

Quality Considerations:

  • CMS Transitional Year
  • Crawl – Submit minimum amount of data. One quality measure, for one patient.
  • Walk & Run – Report six quality measures, including one outcome measure for a minimum of 90 days.

To learn more about the quality components, benchmarks and optimizing your quality score, view our on-demand MIPS webinars.