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Improvement Activities

MIPS Improvement ActivityImprovement Activities (IA) is the new performance category of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). It counts for 15% of eligible clinicians’ MIPS score in year one of CMS’ Quality Payment Program. Unlike the other three MIPS categories, IA does not replace any current program and is a completely new concept.

All MIPS eligible clinicians can participate in the Improvement Activities as either an individual or as a group. There are nine subcategories within the IA category. Each contains different activities that can earn eligible clinicians points by completing those activities. MIPS eligible clinicians will be able to participate in the activities that are the best fit for their practice.

  1. Expanded Practice Access
  2. Population Management
  3. Care Coordination
  4. Beneficiary Engagement
  5. Patient Safety & Practice Assessment
  6. Participation in an APM
  7. Achieving Health Equity
  8. Integrating Behavioral & Mental Health
  9. Emergency Preparedness & Response

Per the MACRA proposed rule, IA is an activity that stakeholders identify as “improving clinical practice or care delivery and that the Secretary of HHS determines will likely result in improved outcomes.” The IA performance category also focuses on CMS’ strategic goals to use a “patient-centered approach to program development that leads to better, smarter, and healthier care.”

To allow clinicians to integrate the IA concept in a more seamless manner, 2017 is being considered a Transitional Year during which they will be able to choose how they will participate.

Transitional Year Participation

Test Pace Participation (Crawl)

  • Submit 1 Improvement activity (activity can be high weight or medium weight)

Partial and Full Year Participation (Walk & Run)
Choose one of the following combinations:

  • 2 high-weighted activities
  • 1 high-weighted activity AND 2 medium-weighted activities
  • At least 4 medium-weighted activities

To learn more about Improvement Activities and other MIPS components, view our on-demand MIPS webinars.

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