How to Win with MIPS gEHRiMed February 7th, 2017

MIPS 2017: How to Win!

MIPS is complicated. We make it easier. GEHRIMED equips you with the tools necessary to avoid a downward payment adjustment. Our activated MIPS alerts notify practitioners when the patient qualifies for further evaluation.

The MIPS Final Rule is composed of nearly 300 quality measures, and 50 of those measures are related to LTPAC; 90+ improvement activities, with approximately 15 different ways to report Advancing Care Information (ACI) with the possibility of option out, via a hardship exemption. This creates over 100 million options to complete MIPS.

Picking the best strategy for your practice can be confusing. GEHRIMED understands every practice has an optimum participation pace, and we will help you with a solution to successfully complete the program.

Interested in maximizing your score to earn incentives? We can give you guidance in how to select strategies that enable you to report the necessary information, while increasing your productivity.

GEHRIMED’s in-house regulatory team, staff, clinicians, and registry team provide unparalleled insight into how to be successful at reporting quality and obtaining the highest scores under the MIPS program. From avoiding penalties, to earning incentives, we’re here to help!

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