Interoperability gEHRiMed January 17th, 2017

Introducing The Industry’s First ONC-Certified Data-Exchange Solution

Interoperable Patient Data: GEHRIMED & PointClickCare® bring physicians and nurse practitioners real-time data exchange between the the medical practitioner’s EHR (GEHRIMED) and the facility’s EHR (PointClickCare), to help care teams across the continuum connect seamlessly. Practitioners will be able to view patient charts, capture patient encounters, electronically co-sign and prescribe orders, all while operating on an ONC-Certified platform.

Genesis HealthCare: Genesis Healthcare was the first long-term care facility to launch the GEHRIMED + PointClickCare integration. In just a few weeks, 640 Genesis facilities were utilizing the joint solution, taking the first step in helping their clinicians access interoperable patient data to improve the quality of patient care and achieve Meaningful Use.

“The integration and interoperability of PointClickCare’s PE+ and GEHRIMED has significantly improved our physicians’ workflow and given us
the opportunity for our eligible providers to attest for Meaningful Use. Documenting encounters within the PointClickCare system and using workflows designed around how physicians work, has increased productivity across the board. Encounter documentation is taking less time and is available to the entire facility clinical care team to improve quality of care and clinical decision making.”

Jean Yarnell, Sr. Director Product Management at Genesis Healthcare

How Will the Integrated Solution Help You?

The joint solution helps practitioners strengthen the communication between communities and pharmacies through:

  • Shared Patient Identification – Real- time interoperable patient data ensures both practitioners and facilities have the most up-to-date patient information. The solution reduces the need to share patient information via phone calls and faxes, which can lead to insufficient and inaccurate data. Additionally, the integration significantly reduces the amount of PHI on paper, or not electronically encrypted.
  • Automated Patient Data – Now it’s easier than ever to receive the shared information you need on your patients. Patient information from the facility is seamlessly integrated with GEHRIMED’s Census Manager. Medical practitioners will now have immediate updates to patient information such as admissions, discharges and readmissions. The secure joint solution also eliminates the need for face sheets, providing medical groups with a head start on verifying insurance –the facility’s demographic data is auto-populated into your EHR. GEHRIMED will forward the information through our interface to your billing company.
  • ePrescribing – Medical practitioners will finally have access to an ePrescribing software integrated with the PointClickCare’s EHR to manage patient medication lists, allergy lists, and to prescribe non- controlled and controlled medications. Equipping prescribers with real-time patient data helps support critical clinical decision-making, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes and quality patient care.

 When will this solution be made available?

GEHRIMED is first to market with a secure solution that bridges the gaps in interoperability, communication, and operations between on-site and off-site medical providers. We are currently perfecting the final details of the technology; however, we expect to release the full-scale integrated solution soon. GEHRIMED is the first and only LTC medical practitioner EHR to establish an interoperability partnership with PointClickCare and LTC facility EHRs. The development of this integrated technology will truly revolutionize clinical care for the LTC community. GEHRIMED will continue to post updates on the progress of the release.

 What if you’re not in a PointClickCare facility?

GEHRIMED is currently working to establish data-exchange connections with additional facility vendors. It is the facility’s decision to grant access and obtain patient consent for information exchange. Progress and updates about integrations with additional vendors will be posted to our website as soon as they occur.  If you would like additional information about our Facility Integrated Solutions, or if you would like information and talking points to take to the facilities to help expedite the progress, please complete the following contact form on this page.


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