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The Long-Term Care (LTC) EHR Designed by LTC Physicians GEHRIMED is the first stage 2-certified EHR designed exclusively for long-term post acute care (LTPAC) practitioners, by LTPAC physicians. With over 30 years of experience in the LTPAC setting, we set out to provide LTC practitioners and practices with software tools, administrative knowledge, technical support, and ... Click to continue reading


Medical Charting Designed to Work for You GEHRIMED’s predictive templates streamline medical charting for LTPAC practitioners, by creating a workflow that works the way you work. Over 5,200 users agree, our efficient and intuitive design helps reduce charting time and enhances productivity. Click to enlarge Chart with Clarity GEHRIMED’s Census Manager provides practitioners with a ... Click to continue reading


Mobile EHR Access for the On-the-Go Practitioner Stay connected while remaining autonomous with cloud-based access to patient information anytime, and anywhere. Remain active in the absence of an internet connection for 15 minutes – LTC Facilities are infamous for weak or intermittent internet connectivity. Our mobile security design mitigates complaints about internet darkness and avoids ... Click to continue reading


Introducing The Industry’s First ONC-Certified Data-Exchange Solution Interoperable Patient Data: GEHRIMED & PointClickCare® bring physicians and nurse practitioners real-time data exchange between the the medical practitioner’s EHR (GEHRIMED) and the facility’s EHR (PointClickCare), to help care teams across the continuum connect seamlessly. Practitioners will be able to view patient charts, capture patient encounters, electronically co-sign ... Click to continue reading


GEHRIMED Demo GEHRIMED, The Long-Term Care (LTC) Portable EHR. Fill out this form if you would like to see a live interactive demonstration of the product. Discover why over 5,000 LTC users have adopted GEHRIMED as their EHR solution. During the offer time, if you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 90 ... Click to continue reading


ONC 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EHR No other existing EHR software written for LTC physicians is currently ONC Stage 2 Certified. Many of the EMR products continue to treat physicians as data entry technicians. Our goal is to bring a world-class EHR to the LTPAC setting that’s easy to use and helps physicians ... Click to continue reading
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