Benefits to Practitioners gEHRiMed January 16th, 2017

Benefit from an EHR designed to work the way you work.

Our easy-to-use software allows doctors and practitioners to spend less time documenting and more time doing what they do best; treating their patients.

Increase Productivity

At GEHRIMED, we know the typical LTPAC practitioner works without a front office or support staff. Therefore, our software streamlines the workflow by gathering information in the order that is most natural to providers in the LTC setting, focusing on the benefits that will maximize practitioner productivity.

    • Logical LTPAC-specific workflow designed for the practitioner – no front office commands
    • Minimal data entry for creating new patients: First/Last Name, DOB, Gender and Zip Code
    • Rapid note creation through integrated voice recognition for talk-to text documentation
  • Automatic distribution of billing reports upon encounter signature to reduce manual billing processes.
  • Provider Census Manager

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Enhance Protection

GEHRIMED’s data is secured in a cutting-edge datacenter with multiple layers of protection. The software’s design also incorporates an end-to-end HIPAA-compliant security safeguard that prevents PHI exposure.

  • Audit Defense – Electronically secured notes and data, grants practitioners quick and easy retrieval of all necessary documentation if a practice is ever faced with an audit.
  • 15-Minute Connection Extension During Internet Outages – Challenges of weak, or intermittent, internet connectivity that occur in many LTC facilities have been mitigated with GEHRIMED. An encounter can remain active in the absence of a connection for 15 minutes, helping to avoid the risks of temporarily storing PHI on an unsecure device.
  • EHR Security: Data backups every 15 minutes, dual authentication and encryption features will protect your PHI, prevent unauthorized users from retrieving records, and log user activity.


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