How the 2020 MIPS Final Rule Will Impact Your Practice


Long-term care practitioners have a complicated relationship with the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) designed the program to incentivize high-quality, cost-efficient patient care. However, the metrics by which it measures these successes aren’t always fitting for a doctor providing care for patients approaching the end of life. That’s why GPM has invested significantly in figuring out how to help practitioners like you successfully participate in MIPS, as well as adapting its software solutions to make the reporting process as seamless as possible.

CMS recently debuted the 2020 MIPS Final Rule, which presents a collection of updates to performance categories and their weights, minimum scores, bonus point opportunities, and more. Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself and determine what all these changes mean for your MIPS reporting next year, our in-house regulatory team did all the work for you.

In our latest webinar, Katie Kelley, our resident EHR trainer and regulatory programs coach, walks you through an analysis of all the updates, complete with insights regarding the best ways for LTC practitioners specifically to participate in MIPS in 2020. This expert advice, paired with GEHRIMED’s intuitive MIPS reporting functionality, are bound to help you pass with flying colors (and even earn some significant bonus incentives) in the year ahead.

Ready to learn how to tackle MIPS in 2020 like a pro?

Click here to watch the 2020 MIPS Final Rule Webinar

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